Corn is used in the production of corn chips, corn cookies, bakery products, beer industry, corn cereal products. The biological value of lysine and tritophane protein in corn flour is also under the limiting effect of amino acids. The crude oil in it is the most valuable nutrient after yogurt.




Seed taken grain is obtained by grinding from corn.


Its natural smell is defective or has bad smell.


Provides to obtain the product in the desired quality.


It does not crack at the exit of the extruder.


Maintain freshness for 12 months from date of production.




Kraft Packaging, PP Packaging, BigBag


Net Weight 25 Kg. / 50 Kg. / 1000 Kg.


Shelf Life 12 months


Storage Conditions:


Keep in cool and dry environment, in well-packed original packaging, away from walls and heavy smelling products to prevent contamination.