HÜSEYİNOĞULLARI İrmik A.Ş serves with annual production capacity of 127.000 thousand tons. Our company is continuing to invest in meeting the increasing demand with the reference of quality products in the market.


The use of the most modern machinery and technology in the plant, which is totally driven by computer control parallel to today's technology in the context of automation, has brought competitiveness ratio and high quality and therefore better serviceability.





HÜSEYİNOĞULLARI Irmik is established on an area of 8,000 m2; 6-storey production area on 1.000 m2 area; 2.000 m2 closed area, business premises and social security areas in the framework of business security.

Entrance of raw materials and output of finished products are carried out by computer system and efficiency control system is kept under constant supervision. HÜSEYİNOĞULLARI, which operates at full capacity, quality control of products in İrmik is done in modern laboratories and presented to pajama. It carries out the production, quality and safety in accordance with the food legislation as well as the marketing and transportation units within the same principle.


Our Mission


It is a company that grows consistently with our customers and employees by representing the semolina sector in the world successfully, by offering safe products to the world people, by offering healthy products, by offering high quality products with high social awareness and environmental awareness, by using resources efficiently and continuously improving itself, To expand the market by using new sales channels, to increase the share in the existing market, to catch the same quality and taste in every day with a sustainable and efficient service understanding.


To be an innovative company that keeps production at the highest standards by taking international quality certifications in accordance with modern management concept and produces continuously value with the flavors we offer. To contribute to regional economy and country development by providing improvements in production, employment, export and technology production.



Our Vision


Huseyinogullari are to be able to reach reputable brands, which are symbols of quality and reliability that consumers can access at all times, and become a regional power in a short time with these brands.

To be a leading food company in Turkey that cares about total quality production understanding and cares about its customer oriented management system. To combine our qualified service with our operational strength to rise to the leading position in the domestic and international markets. Everywhere people live, pampering and wisdom, to be a permanent taste. It is to produce superior goods and services at reasonable cost, which will meet the needs of the customers in all sectors it serves.